• “There is only one antidote to racism: the philosophy of individualism and its politico-economic corollary, laissez-faire capitalism. Individualism regards manevery manas an independent, sovereign entity who possesses an inalienable right to his own life, a right derived from his nature as a rational being. Individualism holds that a civilized society, or any form of association, cooperation or peaceful co-existence among men, can be achieved only on the basis of the recognition of individual rights-and that a group, as such, has no rights other than the individual rights of its members.”

  • “So long as the Negro leaders were fighting against government-enforced discrimination-right, justice and morality were on their side. But that is not what they are fighting any longer…Instead of fighting against racial discrimination, they are demanding that racial discrimination be legalized and enforced. Instead of fighting against racism, they are demanding the establishment of racial quotas. Instead of fighting for ‘color-blindness’ in social and economic issues, they are proclaiming that ‘color-blindness’ is evil and that ‘color’ should be made a primary consideration. Instead of fighting for equal rights, they are demanding special race privileges.”

    – Ayn Rand

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